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Christian Contractor Network is a home improvement contractor referral service offering the Homeowner a free, easy way to access qualified Christian remodeling and improvement contractors:

Our organization was founded by a Christian general contractor who became disillusioned after repeatedly hiring unreliable, dishonest sub-contractors for his construction projects. After asking fellow church members for sub-contractor referrals, he realized that good honest Christian contractors were indeed hard to find and when you did find one, the contractor had little or no marketing in place and needed help to generate the much needed business to survive.

The sole purpose of the entire CCN organization is to help honest reliable Christian contractors find work in their local areas in this economic downturn, to help them support their families. We also help the Homeowner by providing the best Christian contractors at the best possible price for remodel, construction and maintenance projects. Our referral services are FREE to the Homeowner!

With our founder’s experience as a licensed contractor, we know the in’s and out’s of the business. It also makes it a lot easier to understand and refer the proper type of contractor for each project.

We verify each and every CCN contractor’s references and make sure their license is current and in good standing as well as the contractors insurance and bonding is in proper order before we ever send you, the Homeowner, a referral.

Everyone has heard a horror story or two about a contractor either not performing as promised or stealing money from the Homeowner. Don’t get “taken” by one of these scam contractors. Hire your contractor from the Christian Contractor Network!

“Contractors from a Higher Source”

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The Christian Contractor Network.



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Contractor Referral Services

Contractor Referral Services: The Different Options You Need

There are certainly different things you could consider when it comes to your housing treatment. But of course, you have to go over the fact of considering top things first, starting with your budget. You need to identify how much your budget is before you could even decide on what type of housing treatment you would request from a contractor. As much as possible, you have a prepared budget that could be more or less the approximate service fee. This is to ensure that when an emergency happens, you would somehow have a spare, or if luck happens, you would have savings.

Second, you need to consider if you really need a help of a contractor. There may be a possibility that you and a few of your friends could already repair or treat your house. You must consider savings in terms of wages or any manpower additional fee.

Lastly, have you chosen the right home treatment from contractor referral services? You should care as much with the type of treatment your house needs since you may be forgetting the fact that there are services that may sound similar yet the cost as well as the effect may be different.

If you need examples of contractor referral services, here are the following:

• Installation Services
These services could range from small to big type of jobs. This would be done in a three-step process. First, there would be an assessment of your project requirements. Second, the professionals coming from the contractor company would suggest a solution. Lastly, the installation in accordance to best practices would be done. There are different installation services available for you, such as insulation, shower enclosure installation, installation of storage systems, bathroom hardware, and gutters among others.

• Remodeling Services
These contractor referral services would be applicable for any type of remodeling requirement, such as for a single-room, residential, or a major commercial project. There would certainly be a certain contractor that would give you all assurances you need, such as insured workers, high quality product line selection, as well as the stability of the work.

• Commercial and Residential Building
You would be served by construction contractors that are experienced in commercial and home building. Moreover, there would be application of automated processes with the use of quality products. On the other hand, the main goal of the contractors is to ensure that there would be no repetition of construction and increased efficiency.

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